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Real Estate Attorney Proudly Serving Livonia and Surrounding Areas

Our homes represent more than just a roof over our head.  For most of us our homes are the largest and most valuable asset that we own.  Real estate transactions have many hidden complexities and it is important to involve a knowledgeable lawyer early in the process.  Attorney Matt Devitt provides a full array of real estate services to help home and business owners grow and protect their assets.

Our real estate services include:

Selling a home is a complex process with lots of paperwork and legal complexities.  If you have chosen to sell your home independently, we can provide you with as little or as much legal support as you need to complete your for-sale-by-owner transaction.  Our main concern is helping you complete the transaction appropriately and minimize any future liabilities. 


For Sale by Owner can be a good alternative by saving commission fees and maintaining flexibility and control of the selling process.​​  When you need assistance selling your home, we can give you the legal tools, advice and guidance you need

The parties to a commercial lease are accorded broad latitude in defining their rights and obligations. Unlike residential leases, Michigan law imposes few limitations on drafting commercial leases. The lack of controls can lead to very one-sided leases drafted by sophisticated and experienced landlords with little recourse for the tenant after the signing of the agreement.  Commercial leases are also several pages long, very complex, and written in an archaic language.  For these reasons it is important to involve a real-estate attorney early in the process. 

While entrepreneurs are less adverse to risk than most, it is still a good step to retain an experienced real-estate attorney who will review every clause in detail and make sure that the agreement provides clear definitions of rights and obligations, as well as, fairly allocating risks between all parties to the lease. 

Land contracts can be good alternatives to traditional mortgages especially when the drafter knows the law and takes the steps necessary to protect their clients interest.  We will provide a detailed review and anticipate all potential problems and work to avoid them with a well drafted agreement.  Matt will also provide seller disclosure, purchase agreement, and lead-based paint disclosure requirement support. 

Deeds are a very common way of conveying property.  While deeds are relatively simply in their structure, they are one of the more important and complex documents in real-estate matters.

Whether you need assistance drafting, reviewing, or updating a quitclaim, warranty, or lady-bird deed we are here to help.

Property boundaries are generally taken for granted when buying a home.  Home buyers are comforted by the fact that in many cases a mortgage survey was done, as well as, the title being insured. However, these surveys and policies, are often ill-defined due to a lack of attention to detail form the title company which lead to conflict between neighbors.

There are many different ways for neighbors to resolve boundary disputes without going to arbitration or court, and an we can help choose the most adequate path for your individual situation.

A home improvement contract comes in handy when you decide to remodel a room or build an addition at your home or business.  With many home improvement projects costing well over $20,000 it is imperative that you have an attorney review, negotiate, or create a contract prior to the work beginning or money being exchanged.

Let us put together a contract that clearly lays out the expectations of the contractor and reduces any future headaches that can be caused by an ambiguous agreement.

The purchase agreement is a written agreement that sets forth the terms of the sale and purchase.  It is one of the most important documents of every real-estate transaction and is the document that will, or at least should, dictate how the residential transaction is to unfold.

There is a common misconception that there exists a standard purchase agreement that properly protects all parties’ rights and cannot or should not be changed.  This could not be further from the truth; we will carefully draft the agreement and tailor it to best meet your individual needs. 

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Real-Estate Services

Proudly Serving Livonia and Surrounding Areas

Condominiums and co-operatives (co-ops) are "common interest" properties that offer ownership interests that are different from those associated with traditional home ownership.  Both options are gaining in popularity and can be a great fit for many individuals.

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