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E-Commerce and Internet Startup Lawyer, Proudly Serving Livonia, Northville and Plymouth

Starting an internet or electronic commerce (e-commerce) business involves many of the same obstacles involved in starting a traditional, brick and mortar business. There are, however, many unique aspects for a web business start-up or an omnichannel retailer. 


While the internet has been around for several years, digital commerce remains one of the fasting changing areas of business law.  Doing business online has changed a great deal since its inception and the way business is done online continues to evolve.  


When your company begins transacting online, an important step is consulting with an experienced business law attorney.

Internet Law and E-commerce Legal Services

Internet and eCommerce businesses require compliance with a myriad of laws covering privacy, security, copyright issues, etc. Matt Devitt Law, PLC offers comprehensive legal services including consultation on best practices and review & drafting of agreements for compliance.  We seek to build a solid legal frameworks that will protect you and your internet business from exposure to unnecessary risk and insure that you and your business are in compliance with the growing and ever changing body of legislation, rules and regulations.  Our services include …


  • Review and Counsel on Statutory and Regulatory Environment

  • Website Development Agreement

  • Website Hosting Agreement

  • Website Advertising and Marketing Agreement

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Guidelines for Notice of Security Breach

  • Terms of Use

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Warehouse and Storage Agreements

  • Order Fulfillment Agreements

  • Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • Online Shopping Conditions of Use

  • Subscription Agreements

  • Shopping Cart Disclaimers

  • Online Auction Services User Agreements

  • Copyright and Trademark Issues

  • Domain Name Issues

  • Returns and Shipping Policies

  • Manufacturing Agreements

When your internet or electronic commerce business needs assistance, we can give you the tools and legal counsel that you need to be successful.  Contact us at (734) 335-0713 to arrange a free consultation. 

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