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Virtual Legal Services

Matt Devitt Law, PLC understands that our clients are busier than ever these days.  With time and convenience being the new currency, we are proud to leverage technology to help save your precious time.  We combine technology with professional and neighborly service to save you time and money without sacrificing the quality of our legal representation. 


We are always available to meet in person with an appointment, nights and weekends included, and depending on the complexity of the matter, we can utilize the virtual services in combination with in-person services, or go entirely virtual.

Which of Our Services are Available Virtually?

We strive to build long term client relationships by promptly taking care of matters, keeping the client informed and providing value with every task and matter handled.  While not every matter can be handled virtually we are proud to offer secure, affordable, and high quality comprehensive legal services virtually including:


  • Estate Planning Legal Services

  • Real-Estate Legal Services

  • Small Business Legal Services

Virtual representation may not make sense for everyone.  Highly intricate or complex legal services may be better handled in an in-person setting where details can be comfortably addressed.  Either way, at the conclusion of your free consultation we will be able to give guidance on whether a virtual representation would be the best option for you.  We proudly serve Livonia, Plymouth, Northville, Novi and surrounding areas.

Working from Home

How Do Virtual Legal Services Work?

Virtual, like in-person legal services, starts with a phone call (734) 335-0713 or the filling out of a “Get in Touch Form”.  We will communicate through secure services, set scheduled times for meetings, and invoices and legal bills will be handled virtually as well.  The majority of our matters are handled through a fixed value priced fee model (click to learn more), you will also have unlimited communication through phone, email, or virtual meetings throughout the legal representation at no additional cost. 

We believe the legal profession is long overdue in embracing technology that make services more convenient to clients.  If you dread the thought of rushing into a meeting with an attorney during your lunch hour, or battling rush-hour for a late afternoon appointment, consider contacting Matt Devitt Law, PLC today to learn more about our virtual services.

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