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Attorneys and Continuing Legal Education

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) consists of professional education for attorneys that take place after their initial admission to the bar. In Michigan, it is currently not required that attorneys take CLE courses, but certainly recommended. Unfortunately, many attorneys regard the CLE experience as boring, burdensome, or simply an unavoidable choir. This is really a shame as there are many great programs and providers of CLEs who help to keep attorneys current with the ever changing and complex legal services industry.

What does this mean for consumers of legal services? While experience, value, personal fit among other factors are undoubtedly important when considering which attorney to hire, a consumer should also ask what their attorney is doing to stay current. This could include simple questions like, when is the last time you took a CLE course? Do you Mentor other attorneys or are you a Mentee? Do you participate in any ListServs? When is the last time you spoke to a group on this topic? How do you stay current with this area of law? If you are not satisfied with answer(s), then it may time to interview another attorney.

A bit about usMatt Devitt Law is a full service estate planning law firm located in Livonia, MI. In addition to estate planning we also provide legal counsel for small businesses and off a full suite of real estate legal services as well.

We work with our surrounding community nearby Livonia, Northville, Plymouth, Novi, Farmington Hills, and beyond. Our focus is on providing pragmatic value based solutions for your estate planning, small business, and real-estate legal needs. Give Matt a call (734) 335-0713 for a free consult.

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