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Writing a Michigan legal will is a relatively inexpensive and simple step that everyone should take as a part of their comprehensive estate plan.  Matt Devitt Law, PLC has the experience needed to determine when a legal will in Michigan is your best option to ensure your heirs remain protected after your death.

How do Wills Work?

Wills are writings that specify the beneficiaries who are to inherit the testator’s assets and naming a representative to administer the estate and be responsible for distributing the assets to the beneficiaries.

Wills are important legal document that decide how your estate will be distributed, who will take care of your minor children, works to minimize the length and complexity of the probate process, and decides who will be in charge of winding up the affairs of your estate among other things.

Why Wills are So Important

Many people do not address the issue of drafting a will before they pass. This legal document is essential for addressing important concerns and ensuring your wishes are carried out when you pass. Matt is here to help make things easier on your family after you leave. Call today to learn about how wills address the following issues:

  • Designating Someone to Wrap up Your Affairs After Death

  • Equitable Distribution of Assets (Family Harmony)

  • Guardianship of Any Minors in Your Care

  • Giving to Charity

  • Property Division

Wills are also an important part of all comprehensive estate plans and can have provisions added to create a testamentary trust at the time of passing.  Pour over wills are also common vehicles used for revocable “living trusts” and ensure that residuary funds are moved appropriately.

When a Simple Will is the Right Solution

A simple will that leaves everything to a surviving spouse or children meets the needs of most individuals. A simple will may not be suitable for married couples with $1 million or more combined net worth.

Other special circumstances may exist that do not fit the simple will pattern, such as minor children, divorced couples, spendthrift beneficiaries, or other fully or partially incapacitated beneficiaries who require either a living trust or testamentary trust.


While drafting a will may seem challenging, we will partner with through every step of the drafting process.  Matt knows exactly what language to use and what topics to cover when examining your estate. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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