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Livonia, Northville, and Plymouth’s Outside General Counsel Attorney

Despite the numerous legal obstacles, most small businesses simply cannot afford to hire a full time lawyer as their general counsel.  This understandably leads entrepreneurs to seek out internet contracts or advice from a friend for very complex matters including business organization, real estate, employment, consumer and corporate governance law with little more than a hope that they have properly allocated risk and not exposed themselves to unnecessary and expensive liability in the future. 

Lawyers fee structures also contribute to the inherent conflict between small business and lawyers by charging high hourly rates with little certainty as to the final cost for the owner thereby creating profit and loss uncertainty.  Further the hourly fee model charges for each communication and contract drafted which incentives business owners to employ a go it alone mindset rather than making the attorney part of their team.  This, thankfully, is not the case at Matt Devitt Law, PLC.  Matt has over 15 years of business experience ranging from the shop floor to the boardroom and is therefore better equipped to understand your business needs and bottom line. 

Matt is excited to offer startup and small business owners our General Counsel Program.  This unique program gives business owners the opportunity to obtain the business and legal benefits from the use of an in-house attorney without the cost of directly employing an attorney.  The program offers “Unlimited Communication”, meaning we want you to contact us and talk about issues, plans, and goals.  You can do this without worrying about getting charged for every phone call and email.  The programs goal is to dispel the myth that small businesses can’t afford a “General Counsel” on their side.                    

In addition to unlimited communication, General Counsel clients also receive:

  • Identify goals for the coming year and creation of a plan to reach those goals

  • Perform a regulatory assessment and compliance review

  • Prepare, review and update as needed the standard contracts you use with your customers and clients

  • Prepare, review and update as needed your employment or independent contractor agreements and policies

  • Trademark monitoring

  • Prepare, review and update as needed your business or nonprofit succession plan

  • The ability to say, “Our attorney will handle that.”  (Matt Devitt Law, PLC will make the initial response to any third-party communications)

  • Quarterly business legal check-ups

  • Real estate and landlord/tenant support

  • Pre-litigation support and management

General Counsel services start at just $499/mo when paid annually.  Give Matt a call and let us put together a custom package based on the unique needs of your organization. 

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Free Initial Consultation

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Our General Counsel Fees


Between 1 and 5 employees and < $1MM in annual revenue


Between 6 and 10 employees and < $1MM in annual revenue


Between 1 and 5 employees and between $1MM and $3MM in annual revenue


Between 6 and 10 employees and between $1MM and $3MM in annual revenue

Monthly general counsel fees based on a 12 month retainer.  Initial Setup  & Implementation ($500/one time fee). 

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